The Best Kitchen Alternatives to Grilling

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BBQ GrillLiving in an apartment in Wilmington, NC, comes with a few challenges. Space might be limited. You can’t knock down walls to expand a room. You also might have limited access to a grill. That last one is probably the hardest. Who doesn’t love flame-roasted deliciousness every now and then? Fortunately, this one is also the easiest to solve. When you don’t have a grill, there are three alternatives that you can do in your kitchen.

Use the Broiler

A lot of people are familiar with the word and the idea, but few properly substitute broiling for grilling. Anything that would come out flame-roasted on the grill can be cooked by a broiler instead, and most modern ovens have a broiler setting. The key to doing this correctly is to move the rack for broiling. You want it somewhere between four and eight inches from the heat source. This will cause the food to roast instead of slowly baking. Also, remember to flip the food halfway through the process.

Invest in a Grill Pan

If you really miss your grill marks, you can get a ridged, cast-iron pan. It’s commonly called a grill pan, and it’s not terribly pricey. You heat it on the stove, then you cook your food like you’re grilling it. Because the pan is cast iron, you can also use the grill pan in the broiler. That might be overkill, but you can play around with your pan to discover your favorite way to use it.

Smoke Foods Indoors

Smoking food is usually thought of as a process that takes a ton of space and time, and it’s not typically indoor friendly. Fortunately, some clever engineers have discovered a way to make indoor smokers. They range from cheap and easy to expensive and complex, and you can get whatever suits your style. The indoor smoker is apartment-friendly, so you don’t have to stress over anything.

If none of that works, your final resort is to use smoky flavors. There are smoked versions of most spices, and they work well. You can cook however you like while seasoning with the smoky stuff, and you can make delicious meals without access to a grill.

Before you can cook, you have to find the right kitchen. During your search, take a tour of our apartments in Wilmington. If you would like to learn more about our floor plans and availability, please give us a call today!

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