10 Ways to Stay Clutter-Free

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The impact clutter in your home can have on your life is undisputed: It can make you feel disconnected from your home, drive you to make unhealthy eating choices, cause stress and mental health issues, and even change the way you think.

Tips for Staying Clutter-Free

Here are some easy ways to keep your apartment (and your mind) clutter free: 

  1. Avoid setting things down where they don't belong; take junk mail straight to the trash and dishes straight to the sink.
  2. Add decluttering to your chore chart. At least once a month, aim to throw or sell a set number of items.
  3. Maximize closet space. Use organizing systems to make the most of your closet space so you can fit more items in this accessible, out-of-sight space. 
  4. Add a bedtime routine to your day. Brush your teeth, wash your face, and tidy up, cleaning off counters and other surfaces that tend to collect keys and other items.
  5. Keep track of what you wear by turning hangers the wrong way once an item has been worn. Donate or sell items that haven't been worn in six months. 
  6. Live within your means. Don't buy things that don't bring you peace, and don't buy things that you can't pay for with cash. 
  7. Choose electronic billing. When you go paper-free, junk mail slows down and there's less clutter to collect. 
  8. Keep a junk drawer. There are just those things — paper clips, rubber bands, phone chargers — that have no home and don't look good in your home. 
  9. Don't over-furnish. Too many furnishings can not only cramp your style but give you too many surfaces to fill with stuff. Choose minimalist decor for a clutter-free home.
  10. Remember that social media isn't an accurate representation of life. Seeing other people's homes — and all the things they have — can lead you to believe that you deserve all the things and your apartment isn't good enough. Nobody's home is 100% clutter-free all the time, and there are plenty of people in the world choosing experiences over things every day.

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