3 Quick At-Home Exercises

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When you commit to getting your body moving several times a day, you can actively help improve your health and well-being. For the best results, you should have a handful of exercises you can do on the fly that don't require any equipment. The exercises need to get your heart pumping hard and fast within a short period of time as well. You can accomplish this feat by putting forth your best effort with these three exercises while at your apartments in Wilmington.

3 Quick At-Home Exercises


With the long steps required for lunges, you can actively engage your core and build muscle fast. This exercise focuses on the legs but requires the activation of muscles all throughout your body. You can get the most out of your workout by performing lunges as low as you can go and holding them for a second or two before rising again.

Wind Sprints

In just a few seconds time, wind sprints can send your heart rate soaring into the target range needed to achieve physical fitness. The wind sprints take very little time to complete while providing exceptional benefits. You should push yourself to run as fast as you possibly can during each sprint to maximize your workout results. You can perform your wind sprints anywhere you have open space to run at least a half block and back again near your Wilmington apartments.


Burpees are a fun way to work squat thrusts into your everyday workout. For this exercise, you just need to squat down as low as you can go, power up into a jump, and then come down into a pushup. These three steps count as a single rep. You can perform the burpees anytime you have a few moments to do at least five reps. Work this exercise into your workday and beyond to start building muscle, lose fat and reach your wellness goals.

When you commit to exercising on a regular basis, you can build your fitness levels and improve your health in many ways. To improve your living space as well, call our team at 910-790-9484 to learn about our spacious floor plans at Quad Apartment Homes.  

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