Fun Floral Arranging Tips

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Flowers during any season brighten up the rooms of Wilmington apartments and add a little touch of sweetness to the air. Buying a bouquet of flowers is undoubtedly a great way to spice up your afternoon, but it can be even more fun to arrange your own blooms this season. If you're not sure where to start, read these tips before you head to your local flower mart. 

Gather Your Supplies 

Scissors, base, food packets and water will all be needed to arrange your flowers. You'll also need a large enough vase to hold your creations. When it comes to selecting the actual flowers, you'll need a little bit of greenery to fill in the space, as well as your core primary and secondary flowers. Your primary flower will be the dominant bloom, so make it count. When it comes to selecting secondary flowers, limit your choices to one or two species. 

Trim and Measure 

You'll be getting the majority of the green in your bouquet from the greenery you chose. This means you can take off a lot of the extra leaves from the flowers and still have a colorful grouping. (Cutting the leaves off will streamline the stems so that the arrangement doesn't look crowded.) Cut the stems of the flowers at a diagonal angle so they fit the length of the vase. Fill the vase halfway with water and pour in the plant food. 

Arrange Your Flowers 

Experts recommend crisscrossing the foliage to form the base of the arrangement. This base will ultimately support the weight of the whole bouquet. Add your primary flowers and spread them out to ensure the bouquet has an even blend of focal and filler flowers. Your main flowers don't have to be the biggest or the most colorful (even if those blooms tend to pack the best visual punch). If they're your favorite, then they have every right to be the main event! 

Flower arranging is all about letting your creativity pour through you, and the best part is, there is no right or wrong answer! If you're looking for an apartment that will stretch your crafting skills to the limit, call the Quad to schedule a tour of our spacious floor plans and luxury amenities.

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