Food Tips for Tailgating Parties

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The fall months are about more than just changing leaves and wardrobe changes. This is the height of football season, and whether you prefer college or professional teams, now is a great time to have friends over at your new Wilmington, NC Quad apartment. Of course, every good tailgate party requires some good food and drinks. Check out these key food tips for some game day meal inspiration:

Food Tips for Tailgating Parties

  • Cheesy Baked BBQ Taquitos. Not having a grill is no excuse for not having a classic BBQ item on the food list! This tasty recipe makes things easy as all it requires is a slow cooker to properly prep the meat. While you might be tempted to go with the more classic chicken wings, these taquitos are much cleaner and keep better so that in the very rare chance you have any left, you'll have Monday lunch prepped.
  • Cheese Boat. Chips, cheese, and salsa are quintessential football foods. So much so, that just about every grocery store is going to have big sales come game day. But why stick with prepackaged store mixes when you can create your own delicious concoctions like this one?
  • Bacon & Eggs Blood Mary. With Sunday games starting at 1 p.m., the football league has nicely made it easy to combine America's favorite meal, brunch, with pre-excitement activities. For those residents over the age of 21, while beer is a basic staple of many a football party, the Bloody Mary is a classic brunch item that'll add a little something extra and spicy to your game day menu. This recipe is particularly nice as it combines the drink with the stellar finger food of deviled eggs. 
  • Touchdown Brownies. Every great party menu includes something sweet to finish things off. This themed brownie recipe is that perfect final touch as it boasts chocolatey goodness in a cute football-oriented package. Of course, you can also use your own family recipe too, just be sure to form it correctly before baking and add that final white frost stitching to pull the look together. 

Have a Kitchen Problem? Maintenance is Here!

Doesn't it seem like disasters always happen right as we're about to have fun? Don't forget that maintenance is here should your gameday preparation hit a snag. Or call our primary office if you have questions about going bigger with an outdoor grill so we can help arrange the details. 

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