How to Bring the Outdoors In

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Wilmington is a beautiful area. Sometimes enjoying that fresh air outside at the pet park, pool or area walking paths is just the right way to go. But, you don’t have to stop there. You can bring the outdoors into your home as well. Doing so can help you to enjoy a natural, relaxing, and peaceful space.

Simple Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors More Fully

Consider what you love about the outdoors. Is it the fresh air? Perhaps it is the sunlight. Here are some ways to welcome these back into your home.

#1: Let the light shine in.

Many of the apartments in Wilmington have larger windows. You can purchase sheer drapes or curtains that allow light to pass through but still provide ample privacy. These are a simple way to get more natural light into your home — and it can help reduce energy usage, too.

#2: Add a few potted plants.

Choose a few potted plants for your home. Indoor plants add the outdoors into your space, but they can also help to keep your indoor air clean. Look for those that do not require a lot of attention if you’re busy. A snake plant or pothos are some of the easiest indoor plants to grow.

#3: Choose a fresh bouquet of flowers each week.

For under $10, you can bring a vibrantly colored bouquet of flowers into your home. Place them on the center of your table in the heart of your living space. This is a fantastic way to bring natural color into the area.

#4: Decorate with fruit.

A few vegetables and fruits in a bowl in the kitchen is another way to get some nature into your home. You can also purchase a small, potted lemon tree (usually only a few feet tall) to really reinforce this.

#5: Use our balcony or patio.

Your home features a balcony or a patio — use it. Place a relaxing chair there so you can lounge after a long day.

Ready to Live a New, Beautiful Life?

When it comes to enjoying a higher quality of life, Quad Apartments has exactly what you want and need. We welcome you to come in to see our apartments in Wilmington, NC to find one right for your unique needs. Call our representative today.

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