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summer cookout

As temperatures warm up in the Wilmington, North Carolina area, residents at the Quad have started to plan for summertime cookouts. This popular pastime allows families to spent time together, invite relatives and friends over, and gives everyone a chance to share in the fellowship while enjoying delicious meals. Whether they plan to gather in their spacious apartment at the Quad or at another location in the Cape Fear area, residents have plenty of wonderful ideas for their cookouts. 

Summertime Cookout Inspirational Ideas:

Go Traditional: Hamburgers, hotdogs, ribs, chicken and other standard cookout fare are easy to prepare in your kitchen. Remember the appropriate condiments and accompaniments such as buns and sauces that go with certain items. Chips and salsa, cheese platters, fruit salads, and cookies and other sweet treats are usually on the menu.

Be Innovative: Go beyond the everyday options by making one of your favorite recipes. Replace the usual potato salad or coleslaw with an item that speaks to your culinary character. Store-bought food is perfect in a hurry, but homemade options will be remembered. Spring rolls, jambalaya, falafel with tahini, and other fare diversify the menu and allow others who attend the cookout to try something new and delicious.

Plan Ahead: Get a headcount in advance so you can budget food and drinks appropriately. Always remember paper goods and utensils, since a picnic without plates and utensils will make the experience less pleasant. Use the estimate to plan, knowing that some may not show and others may attend unexpectedly. Always remember the ice and drinks, too. If others are bringing items along with you, make sure everyone knows what they should plan on bringing, as well as the amount. 

Consider Dietary Needs and Sensitivities: As you learn who plans to attend, keep in mind any allergies or food preferences that you know your guests may have. It is always best to have some "safe" options for vegans, vegetarians, and others so that they have a place at your yummy table. 

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