Ways to Use Trendy Velvet in Your Decor

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Vintage clothing and décor never truly go out of style and velvet appears to be trending. These are some innovative ideas people are using in a return to velvet we hope our Quad community members in Wilmington, North Carolina, enjoy.

Include Velvet Accents

Perhaps the most notable velvet living space piece of yesteryear was the sofa. Going out and selecting a brand-new velvet sofa would be a huge commitment. That’s why people are dabbling with key velvet accents in their living rooms rather than going all-in.

Velvet throw pillows are a wonderful way to include the soft, colorful fabric. Throw pillows provide a comfortable place to rest your head on the couch or put in your lap while flipping through channels. Whether you have a bold, vibrant interior décor or enjoy serene tones, velvet throw pillows can be purchased relatively inexpensively in just about every conceivable size and color. It’s a great way to dip your toe into the velvet pool.

Velvet Curtains and Drapes Work

Also coming in a variety of sizes and colors, velvet curtains and drapes provide a shimmer of color and are abundantly pragmatic. Like other thick window and glass door privacy coverings, velvet can block out intense sunlight while injecting color into a room. They have remained on the market for generations and can be utilized in conjunction with accents to bring a room’s color scheme together.

Velvet in the Bedroom

One of the more innovative uses of velvet are headboards. These often modern-looking pieces of furniture provide unique color options and comfort. Think about sitting up in bed while reading a book. Wood headboard generally need something to take the hard edge off your back, neck and shoulders. Velvet headboards are like another comfy pillow. Beside that, they just look cool.

Throwback Velvet Chairs

The 1970s were rich with velvety applications and chairs where standouts. Among the many futuristic styles of the decade, velvet chairs were often made from loud, contrasting colors. These days, they come in throwback styles and more subtle colors. A single velvet chair can make a comfy option in the living room or a decorating statement at the dining table.

Blanketed in Velvet

Early uses of velvet included blankets and they remain popular today. Few fabrics are as soft and relaxing as velvet. That’s why they are trending in everything from bed sheets to full blankets to small throw covers. The bottom line is that velvet blankets look and feel terrific.

We hope our Quad community members enjoy these creative velvet ideas. If you or a friend would like more information about our Wilmington apartments, call us today.

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