Tips for a Quick Apartment Clean Up

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quick cleaning tips

Whether you’re a cleaning freak or hate the house cleaning work, a few basic tips and tricks can help expedite the process leaving your house spotlessly clean.

It doesn’t matter if you expect some guests, had a dinner party or you’ve just decided to get organized, the tips apply to anyone. Here are tips to help you clean your apartment fast and efficiently;

Get the Cleaning Supplies Ready

Although you'll be cleaning different rooms, there's no point of getting different cleaning supplies. Get all-purpose multi-surface cleaning materials and tools such as sponge, cleaning spray, duster, glass cleaners, and paper towels.

Start with the Living Room

Begin by placing any foreign item in the living room in a container, so you don’t make several trips looking for items. Brush the sofa cushions off the food crumbs, pet hair and dust while you check behind the cushions. 

Dust all the tables and then arrange the items on top neatly. Throw away any unwanted magazines and newspapers and place the rest on the shelves. Complete your task by vacuuming the living room space.

Head to the Bedroom

Place all the dirty clothes in a hamper then rehang and fold the clean clothes. Next, sort through your closet if you have ample time. Toss away all the old magazines and papers into the trash can. 

Make the bed and straighten everything including the nightstand, desks, and shelves. Finally, run the vacuum cleaner like in the living room.

Clear the Mess in the Bathroom

Place all the used towels and dirty clothes in the hamper and then put all the trash in the trash can. Use the disinfectant cleaning spray to wipe down the sink counters and tubs clean. Scrub the toilet and don’t forget to wipe the floor and sides.

Don’t forget to use the cleaning spray for outside the toilet. Wipe the bathroom mirror and then return the all the items to their respective positions.

Cleaning Ends in the Kitchen

Gather all the items belonging to other rooms into a container. Clear all the trash on the countertops and in the cupboards. Wash the dishes by hand with warm soapy water or in the dishwasher. Wipe down your sink, countertops, and appliances. Mop the floor and dispose of the trash. 

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